The Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment that Enhances, Restores and Improves Hair

A Brazilian keratin treatment is strictly for people who love their hair. People looking for lustrous, smooth, and healthy tresses who would like to get rid of their curly and unmanageable hair using an amazing new treatment have come to the right place.

What Is The Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

A keratin treatment is a Brazilian straightening and smoothing treatment that creates impossibly shiny, frizz free and healthy hair. The most important characteristic of a keratin treatment is that it is avoids the use of any harsh chemicals and contains natural ingredients like keratin, a protein which is actually the major component of human skin, hair, and nails. A Brazilian Keratin Treatment works wonders to straighten and strengthen the hair, and does not contain harmful chemicals like sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide.

You Gain Volume With The Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Did you get your hair colored but feel that something is missing? A Brazilian keratin treatment is also a great complimentary treatment for colored, highlighted, or previously treated hair. You can even have your hair colored just before the keratin treatment process. It is like icing on the cake. It just takes about a couple of hours. The application of the solution is similar to color applied on your hair. The hair is then blown dry and cuticles are sealed with a heating iron. However, Brazilian Gloss is proud to be the only keratin treatment that utilizes a low-heat formula so the hair does not get damaged when using the flat iron to seal in the keratin. This treatment lasts up to 12 weeks. Using specially made shampoo and conditioners like the Coco de Soleil daily shampoo and conditioner from Brazilian Gloss will lengthen this period.

The Brazilian keratin treatment is a blessing in disguise for people looking for an effective and lasting solution for curly and wavy hair. There is no fear about hair breakage because a Keratin treatment is not a permanent solution, and the natural ingredients in the keratin solution don’t affect the internal construction of your hair. A Brazilian Keratin Treatment will actually seal the cuticle of the hair and does not enter the cortex. The treatment works on all hair types, irrespective of the person’s ethnicity. It is even good for men with longer hair. The keratin hair treatment acts as a moisturizer for the hair and conditions them naturally.

A keratin treatment makes your hair hassle free and saves you a ton of time. Brazilian Gloss produces shiny, sleek and healthy results immediately.

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