10 Steps To Sew In Hair Weave Perfectly

Many women choose to use hair extensions when they wish to change their appearance whether it is for a short while or something they wish to do for the long term. Hair extensions are a safe and a great way to have that change you desire for your hair.

When you come to the decision that you want to sew in your own weave then there are some steps that you will need to follow to ensure that you are putting the hair in correctly. Human hair extensions is the best to use because it will blend the closest with your natural hair and it will last much longer compared to synthetic hair.

The first step to sewing in hair weaves is to wash your hair and follow up with some conditioner. In doing so you will get the oils from your hair out and this will also help you to have long lasting weaves as well. Once you have washed and conditioned your hair you can either let it dry naturally or you can use a hair dryer.

Next you are going to sew the weave tracks. To do this your hair will need to be braided but some hair will need to be left loose so that you can cover up the hair tracks. But before you begin this step you will need to make a decision about they hair style you wish to create.

If you want to add bangs to your hairstyle then you will need to take either a round part or a square one to the front of your hair based on how long you wish to but take care to leave an inch from your hairline and tie it out of the way. Make sure that you once again leave some loose hair so that you can easily cover the hair weave.

After these steps you are ready to start braiding the hair into cornrows that will follow to the back of the head. Make sure that you are braiding the hair tight, but not so tight that it will potentially lead to hair loss. If your hair is short and you can’t braid your cornrows then you may wish to consider using clip on hair extensions. This will also help you to have strength as well as being able to have a better weaving technique. After you have successfully braided ten cornrows you are going to braid them together at the ends and tie or sew them to be able to get a good weave.

In order to sew in the hair weave you are going to use a curved hair-weaving needle and also use good quality hair weaving thread. You are going to put the weave track in the desire part and then sew below where the weave is to hide the seams. To do this sewing technique you are going to push the needle you are using below the cornrow and then up through the track and then pull it tight so that it will stay in place. You are then going to apply this technique for the rest of the hair. To make a strong weave you are also going to sew each track twice. You will also need to knot the thread at the ends very tightly. Be careful that you are not creating so many knots that it will be hard to remove the weave later. Be mindful of your scalp as well.

You can also use weave bond glue. All you will need to do is apply glue and press the weave track for about 15 seconds to the seams of the weave where you have sewed it to the cornrows. Then you will be setting the glue by using a hair dryer on the cool setting. Check for any exposed scalp and use additional weave to cover it up. If you want to sew a weave with a part simply part your desired part and tie it up using your natural hair. Then just repeat the same steps to create a full weave. You can also opt to have a salon sew the weave for you.

As you can see its very easy to sew on weaves.

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